Tuesday, 26 June 2012

EP Review : Kill Kasper : Stuck Between The Devil & The Blues In Drop C

In this small town of fakers and hopeful makers, we boast a mighty lot of hope upon certain genres of music. Certain crowds will attend certain gigs, friends will support and the local rag will slate and embrace in any way they feel fit. One band to stick to their proverbial guns with more regenerations than Doctor Who under their belts are Southsea rockers Kill Kasper, who have officially released EP ’Stuck Between The Devil & The Blues In Drop C’.

The 3-track smash slams in with ‘Start The Revolution’ the ever dulcet tones of The Kolonel wade in and the drums frenzy around anthemia rock and roll guitars. What’s clear from the word go is the two clear fingers if you disagree with what you are hearing, attitude backed with experience leaving you in a ludicrous position to argue any kind of point.

Speak to Kill Kasper personally and they will tell you the EP is a long time coming, but once heard you can excuse them with good reason. Kill Kasper do what they do in such a manner, with such technique and in such gentlemanly fashion that it all adds up and turns everything to 11.

Nobody within the city of Portsmouth do what Kill Kasper do as well as they do it, ‘Rock This City’ begs lyrically nationwide, in a ‘go and clean your ears out’ fashion or a ‘switch off the tele and turn on the wireless’ kinda way. Duelling guitars are once again prominent backed up by heavy bass line and drums, no faults here. It just goes on.

Closing track ‘Who Lied’ is a 7 minute ode to everything that has ever fucked you off, or fucked off the Kolonel…Here at SouthSolarCity, we aren’t 100% sure. Pounding drums around  the ever present Kill Kasper vocal mirrored by the swirling guitars build before a outright shattering chorus and immense solo licking bridge. One very emotional ride.

The first official EP outing for Kill Kasper is a roaring success ‘Stuck Between The Devil & The Blues In Drop C’ boasts future with the right amount of the past, everything they can be with not just a foot in the door but being able to swing it both ways. They’ve got the key to a big blue box, they’ve got a timeless sound and the attitude to boot, Kill Kasper are coming. I for one hope the world is ready.

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